ACL Prevention Camp

  • Knee injuries account for 15% of all high school sports injuries
  • 70% of all ACL injuries are non-contact
  • About 150,000 ACL injuries occur in the US every year
  • Women are up to 8x more likely than males to injure ACL
  • 65.3% of soccer injuries are lower extremity injuries
  • Preventative training programs are shown to reduce knee injuries such as ACL by as much as 83%

Preventative training exercise don’t only diminish the risk of ACL injury, they also improve the athlete’s performance level. Athletes who maintain a regular schedule of preventative training also advance their skills in sprint speed and aerobic fitness.

Lower Extremity Training Camps

ACL Prevention

Athletes will receive education on how ACL injuries occur and how they can be prevented. They will learn exercise programs that have been developed by leaders in the sports performance and injury prevention world. Each athlete will be assessed for signs of potential injury and receive a personalized exercise program to address their needs.

ACL Bridge Program

Specifically designed for athletes who have undergone an ACL repair, our licensed professionals will prepare an athlete for return to sport after completing physical therapy. Our program will help athletes return to their prior level of function, as well as reduce risk for re-injury. 

Camps are available for individuals, groups or teams.
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