Overhead Athlete Camp

  • Occurrence of Tommy John surgery has increased by 43% since 2005
  • Proper strengthening and range of motion of the shoulder can increase throwing velocity by 5 MPH
  • Weak posterior shoulder muscles and tight posterior capsules increase injury risk by 4-6 times
  • Lack of elbow extension is a precursor to medial elbow injury
  • Too much shoulder external rotation can lead to internal impingement injury
  • Too little shoulder retroversion and external rotation leads to poor performance and increased shoulder and elbow injuries

Overhead function--including throwing and swinging--can be vastly improved off of the field by focusing on biomechanical efficiency. We go beyond traditional exercises to improve your overhead motion by focusing on whole body recruitment and alignment for the best possible performance.

Athletes will all take away key information to help them train better and prevent injury including:

  • The most common injuries in overhead athletes and how to prevent them
  • Learn the exercises and techniques used by college and professional trainers
  • Achieve optimal range of motion and flexibility
  • Interactive demos and drills to improve technique and problem solve areas of difficulty
  • Player Functional Screening
  • Personalized Arm Care Program

Overhead Athlete Training Camps

Off Season Arm Care and Performance

Athletes will receive education on the types of upper extremity injuries that can occur with sports and how they can be prevented. They will learn the exercises necessary to prevent injuries and improve performance. Each athlete will be assessed for signs of potential injury and will receive a personalized arm care program to address their needs.

In Season Arm Care

Athletes will receive personalized one-on-one care from our licensed professionals. These sessions will include arm and shoulder strengthening exercises and manual therapy techniques to ensure the athlete is performing to their maximum potential. Our professionals will actively monitor the athlete for any indications of potential injury and address any warning signs immediately.

Camps are available for individuals, groups or teams.
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