Here's what our patients are saying!

"I've always had the most positive, cooperative experiences at GIPT. Accommodating flexible scheduling is a plus. The staff is competent, friendly and always concerned about my comfort. Thanks all."

"You make me feel welcome. Everyone is pleasant, the number one thing I like is the confident attitude everyone has. I trust that my rehab is being done by professionals."

"Jenny is a true blessing. After 4.5 years of waking up to excruciating back pain and tears she fixed the problem! I am forever grateful to her and appreciate her helping me feel better! Thank you Jenny!"

"Dave and Stacy did a fabulous job with my knee recovery, from my HEP (Home Exercise Program) to answering all my questions. I always had awesome care when I was in your building."

"The team is great, they talk to you and care. Kurt is the best. He does a great job! Thank you to all of you for all you do. Keep up the good work."

"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Encouraging and wanting to help you get better. Enjoyed my time with all of you and didn’t want to stop!"

"Consistency of treatment. From one PT to another, treatment was very consistent. You also get to know your client, all of them. Your level of professional compassion and empathy was unexpected."

"Every aspect of your services is exceptional. I have not had one issue that I would consider even the slightest bit negative. All of the staff is extremely friendly. Love it!"

"I had a sciatic nerve that was giving me fits. I could barely walk in, and now my back feels better than it has in a couple years. Thank you, Stacy!"

"All of the staff are very congenial and easy to talk to. They are genuinely interested in my welfare, and have always been successful in helping me to recover."

"Give excellent care and explain why they are doing the exercises, very friendly, courteous and respectful."

"I’m lucky enough to have been going to GI Physical Therapy for most of my adult life. I return because they truly care about me. They know my name, my history, my family. Each PT is dedicated to their area of expertise and continues to learn and practice new methodology. They want what is best for me each time I come to them. I can drop by because I have a question or concern. Again, most of all, I trust them. If I need to go to one of their other facilities, they send me. They are caring, empathetic, and compassionate."

"It was great how Mike explained to me what was going on in my shoulder and explained what each exercise was doing for me. I now have a better understanding what I have to do to strengthen each muscle group and keep stretching to keep my shoulder mobile. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone for therapy."

"I really appreciate the personal effort and concern provided by both the OT, Del; and the PTA, Sami. Plus, they try different techniques to see if it will help."

"Never have to wait, even if I get there early. Always ask how I am doing. Very efficient and friendly."

"Everyone is very friendly and supportive while you are going thru your recovery. I feel like my son has grown up with your staff as part of his family. He has seen a lot over the last few years."

"They are very caring and passionate about the patients and their injuries. Everyone there is very friendly and always saying hi and checking on you to see how you are doing, even if you're not their patient. I am very pleased I chose to go there."

"The therapists are very understanding of of your problem, and are as gentle as they can be with your treatment. From the front office to the treatment area, you know you are in great hands."

"The staff is phenomenal. They are quick to attend to you, and take extra special care. The thing I enjoy most is I have seen the same Physical Therapist every appointment. Mike is a great Physical Therapist that I would recommend to anyone."

"From arrival to departure, every individual is friendly, helpful and professional. And, the therapy is making a difference!"

"I would have NO reservations recommending GI Physical Therapy to anyone. They are top notch!!"

"The staff is very friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk in the door. And the therapists truly care! Everything is explained to you. They are top notch!"

"The GI Physical Therapy team cares. It's more than a job to them - it's seeing their patients barely able to walk when treatment starts - and walking out with confidence when your treatment is completed!! I'm thankful for their care and expertise."

"Mike is always there to help. Listens and treats areas of concern."
"Genuine concern for patients' well being."
"Every staff member was super nice and knowledge us on everything that was going on before surgery and after. They had PT come in and help my daughter learn how to use her crutches very helpful because I had no clue. Thank you so much!"
"The professionalism, equipment, friendliness. Looks like a great work environment, everyone always busy helping out wherever."
"Courtesy, friendliness of staff, knowledgeable staff."
"Very friendly staff. Explain the exercises and procedure well. Always educating their patients."
"Friendly and understanding as well as knowledgeable."
"Friendly atmosphere, and employees are very helpful."
"The staff gives knowledgeable one-on-one help when I am experiencing pain."
"Everyone smiles, and they explain what they need me to do."
"Staff is very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable!"
"I’ve been there many times through the years for different reasons they are all great people and get the rehab done so I’m good to go!"